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Highlights And resource

-Valuable international work experience   -Working in a reputable organization. 

-Develop and refine your skills                  -Giving back to the community

-Local support and assistant                     -safety and security   

-Cultural immersion                                    -Free language lessons

-Letter of recommendation                        -Certificate of participation

-Free WiFi at the host family                      -Meet local/foreign volunteers

-Language lessons                                    -Free weekend sight seeing

-Hands-on experience program

-Very clear communications before you set off to Africa


  • Flight Booking - We help you to get cheapest flight to Africa.

  • Vaccines - We provide you with an accurate information regarding the needed vaccines.

  • Passport/visa -  We give you full support in getting your visa to travel.

  • Affordable program fees

  • Fundraising tips

  • Can I Combine programs and countries
    Sure, you can combine programs and countries of your choice. We can also help you to combine the countries
  • How long do placement last
    Our programs last from 2 weeks to a year. And mostly our volunteers go for 3 weeks to a year.
  • Can I get a discount
    Sure, we offer discount to our volunteers even if you go for two weeks. Its even more better if you stay longer and of you are in a group.
  • When do I apply
    We are very flexible. Our programs run all year. You can join us anytime you are ready to come. Choose when you want to start and finish. If you decided last minute, we may need few days to tailored your program hence email us or call us as soon you are ready to speed up your placement.
  • What are the cost involve
    Please see our cost page for details of you the program(s) and the country(s) that interest you. Unless you are staying for one year which attracts stipend, you will not be paid for your work. However, you will gain a very good working experience and discover skills you never knew you had. You will have a great time and really make an impact in the lives of the people.
  • What is included in the fees
    Our fees included accommodation, food, airport pick and drop, transport to work on the first day, free weekend sight seeing, local sim card, 24/7 security, supervision, support from our excellent staff, Read more about this on our price page and on this page. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us Our program fees are very important because they enable us to provide our volunteers with excellent service and support.
  • Are meals included in the cost
    Sure, all meals are included in the program fees and are excluded when you are traveling or socializing.
  • Will I need vaccines
    Sure, the most important vaccine is the yellow fever. Do not let the injection(s) put you off. You will be very glad you take them when you are in Africa and enjoying yourself. Please speak to your doctor as early as possible regarding the vaccnies since some of the vaccines require you take them far in advance before you embark on your journey to Africa.
  • What are the age range to take part in this program
    Our volunteers are between the ages of 15years and above. We receiving a great number of careers breakers and retired people as well. If you are below 15years and you want to join this program with your sister or brother or friends please lets us know and we make a provioson for you.
  • What qualification(s) needed
    As a volunteer no qualification(s) is need. You most welcome if you have them.
  • Do I need to be an American or Canadian or European to join this program
    We receive volunteers all over the world. Its nice to meet other volunteers from different countries learn from each other. That is what culture exchange is all about.
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