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Media Placement

Almost every conflicts have a cultural, religious, political or ethnic component. staesa's media program is grounded in the philosophy that media have a critical role to play in increasing public understanding of such conflicts and of issues that polarize our communities.


 This is a program where program participants practice and have real hands-on experience in journalism and improve upon their communication, photography, writing and editing skills.  


The program includes assisting in news paper publication, news writing, news editing, news broadcasting, radio talk show, interviewing, marketing and advertisement.


Both the newspapers and the radio stations we work with get involved with community social programs such as exposing crime in the communities, exposing corruption in the community, child abuse, child trafficking, and human rights.  You can also join our media program in Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania.

You can combine your program with any other program(s )of your choice upon arrival and it is free. The additional program(s) is free. Join us to touch lives. After successful completion of the program, you'll be given a Certificate of Completion and letter of recommendation for further studies, job application and job promotion.

A young man in a recording studio

Media Ghana

Music Recording

Media Benin 

A young woman talking on the radio

Media South Africa


Media Senegal  


Media Togo


Media Uganda 

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Some of the activities include

(1) Assisting in news broadcasting

(2) Radio talk show

(3) Programming

(4) Production 

(5) Recording

(6) Research 

(7) Editing

(8) Interviews

(9) Attending events for live coverage

(10) Updating social media

(11) Reporting and many more as part of the activities on the program

Working hours:                  8:00 am till 4:00 pm

Free days:                         Weekends

Who can join:                    Everyone 15 years and above

When to arrive:                 Anytime in the year

Any experience required: No previous experience required

Placement type:                Rural and urban setting

Accommodation:              Host family, Volunteer house

Can I cook myself             Yes

Good toilet facility:            Yes

Running water:                  Yes

Electricity:                          Yes

Security:                             24/7

Can I come alone:             Yes

Can I come with a friend:  Yes

Media Tanzania 

Businesswoman with Laptop

Media Cameroon 


Media Namibia

Woman Working

Media Losotho 


Media Kenya 

Smiling Businesswoman

Media Malawi

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