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                         Internship Benin

STAESA internship in Benin  gives you a great opportunity to apply your theory, get a feel for the work environment, boost your confidence in effective working and increase your motivation. ​There are also numerous programs available for those who already have a direction in mind. Whether you’re ready to pursue a specific career or you simply want to learn more about the many career opportunities in the industry of your choice. You can join us anytime from 12wks to 1year.  Our programs are all year round

                   Other Internships In Benin

(1) Media placement

(2) Architecture placement,

(3) Social work placement

(4) Business development/ Entrepreneurship

(5) Hospitality and tourism

(6) Marketing and advertising

(7) IT/Web design, Graphic Design and programing

(8) Sports management

(9) NGO

(10) Environmental studies

(11) Education

.We also have free internship programs in Benin.  Contact us for details.

Affordable program fees, huge discounts, discount on flight tickets for some countries.

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STAESA electives program is well structured learning experience in a field of your interest or related fields. The content and settings of the placement are largely decided by STAESA and the students. This is to make sure our interns achieve their goals at the end of the program. Tell us what you and we will have it programed for you, 


(1) Working side by side with the medical officer in charge. (2) Ground the wards with the medical team. (3) Having one on one question and answers with the medical officer in charge(4) observing procedures at the consultation room and theater. (5) many other duties in wards and OPD with the nurses



As a STAESA intern you will be responsible for assisting the various departments within a construction management with your daily tasks as well as learning the overall elements of the general contracting/ construction industry. The internship will range between 12 weeks full time.


Observing and /or interacting with other professionals related to the construction field including architects, subcontractors (2)• Attending staff and departmental meetings on an ongoing regarding the construction (3)• Helping with purchase orders, material and inventory (4)• Assisting with the overall project management responsibilities • Assist in warranty and maintenance calls. 



STAESA Human Rights reinforces the underlying truth that, we uplift the dignity of human beings to build safer and more just communities, and to empower people. Our program delivers very intensive Human Rights program. Our program helps you to develop practical skills while acquiring a deep understanding of the human impact of right’s violations and challenges in Africa.


Our program includes participation in active mentorship, full discussions on cases, reflection on cases, relevant hands-on practical experience in legal advocacy, litigation, capacity building, research and publication, on-site fact finding and court visits, work on complaints, practical and administrative documentation and more broadly, cooperating with human rights system.



STAESA media offers opportunities, from journalism and broadcasting to television, production, animation, and more. STAESA journalism/media program expose interns to all of these areas and give them a foundation for choosing which direction they’d like to go in. Both the newspapers and the radio stations get involved with community social programs such as exposing crime in the communities, exposing corruption in the community, child abuse, child trafficking, and human abuse.  You can also join our media program in Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania.


 This is a program where program participants practice and have real hands-on experience in journalism and improve upon their communication, photography and writing and editing skills. The program includes assisting in news paper publication, news writing, news editing, news broadcasting, radio talk show, interviewing, marketing and advertisement.



Senegal, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Zambia and Lesotho

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