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Quechua Indigenous Women

This is a social development initiative, to provide superior support for those interested in business and also to those who are already in a micro businesses. This is very unique flexible microfinance program which is not in a form of a loan to the entrepreneurs but rather to enable the members assist raising another entrepreneur(s) in the community. Before funds are given to the entrepreneurs, we take all members through a thorough training in their choice of businesses. Contact us for more information about this special microfinance program.


The training also include, basic book keeping, basic computer skills, basic accounting, banking, investment, networking, online marketing, social media.


The second phase of the program is to teach the women how to continue raising more and more women in business. This has been very successful so far.   The program is attached to our adult education program where we teach those adult who can not read or write. This is really a life changing program.



STAESA Microfinance a very busy program where our volunteers and interns feel very useful.


STAESA the initiator of this project have become aware of an increase in circumstances of abuse of women, poverty among the women in the communities and their surrounding villages, hence the need to use this program to create jobs, minimize unemployment, minimize poverty and to provide them with basic education. The program is part of our Women Economic Empowerment program.




































Some of the activities include

ECONOMIC PROGRAM - Volunteers will work to develop programs targeting queer young ladies/mothers in the communities, grant writing,  fund raising activities to support the capital base of the project, managing the funds, conduct regular marketing initiatives throughout your stay to expose and attract the products from the  projects to both local and international market, lead  workshops on issues related to health, relationships, art and business. Volunteers will also help in teaching how to manage the accounting, booking practice and basic booking.

SOCIAL PROGRAM  - social development programs for the young ladies/ mothers in the areas of career development, family planning and health familiar relations. Introducing program that fight against physical and sexual abuse, harassment, suicide preventing, alcohol and drug abuse.

Working hours:                  8:00 am till 4:00 pm

Free days:                         Weekends

Who can join:                    Everyone 15 years and above

When to arrive:                 Anytime in the year

Any experience required: No previous experience required

Placement type:                Rural and urban setting

Accommodation:              Host family, Volunteer house

Can I cook myself             Yes

Good toilet facility:            Yes

Running water:                  Yes

Electricity:                          Yes

Security:                             24/7

Can I come alone:             Yes

Can I come with a friend:  Yes

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WE-AFRICA Tanzania


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