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Orphanage Africa

This is staesa's social development initiative to provide superior care for orphans and to those kids who require alternative care due to abuse, abject poor standard of living, neglect, abandonment and death of both parents. So with this you understand the kind of children you will be working with in all our orphanages. The children are very loving, smart and intelligent. You don't want to miss this opportunity working with these children. .  We try to include every child that needs our help hence we also bring children with special needs from the community to benefit from the activities in the orphanage during the day and at night these special need kids go to their various homes leaving the orphans in the orphanage. The program is attached to school teaching program in other to develop the kids academically. This is a very busy program where our volunteers and interns get very busy and feel very useful. Our program participants have direct contact with the kids and make a great difference in the communities. Addition(s) ​You can combine your program with any other program(s) of your choice upon arrival and it is free.  Join us to touch lives. After successful completion of the program, you'll be given a Certificate of Completion and letter of recommendation for further studies, job application and job promotion.


















Some of the activities include

  1. Read to children.

  2. Listen to children read.

  3. Teach the children write.

  4. Help the children with school home work.

  5. Indoor and out door games including face painting

  6. Work on particular skills (math and computer lessons) .

  7. Help in the teaching of subjects including life skills and science subjects

  8. Tell or read stories related to lessons.

  9. Help the children who need remedial work.

  10. Help the children catch up on missed work at school.

  11. Cleaning of the orphanage.

  12. field trips.

  13. Help in the renovation work in the orphanage

  14. Assist in planning other special program of the  days with children

  15. Feeding the babies

  16. Fund raising program

Working hours:                  8:00 am till 4:00 pm

Free days:                         Weekends

Who can join:                    Everyone 15 years and above

When to arrive:                 Anytime in the year

Any experience required: No previous experience required

Placement type:                Rural and urban setting

Children's age:                  Age of zero to 15 years

Accommodation:              Host family, Volunteer house

Can I cook myself             Yes

Good toilet facility:            Yes

Running water:                  Yes

Electricity:                          Yes

Security:                             24/7

Can I come alone:             Yes

Can I come with a friend:  Yes

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Orphanage Ghana

Orphanage Benin

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Orphanage South Africa


Orphanage Uganda

Orphanage Togo

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Orphanage Tanzania


Orphanage Kenya


Orphanage Malawi 

Orphanage Namibia

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Orphanage Cote d' IVoire 

Orphanage Senegal

Orphanage Cameroon

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